Die or Pie? The artist is struggling to get his msg across.

2 months ago

Puppy wants.

3 months ago

Garlic and parmesan encrusted sirloin tips, garlic fries with white truffle oil. Also a side of maple butter cornbread…. It was amazing.

5 months ago

Sneek peek…. This thing is going to be completely different when its done. You don’t even understand.

5 months ago

Rounded off some of the edges, more work tomorrow!

6 months ago

Learning the Road Hog systems today. #LD #roadhog #johnfarr #thisisntFOH

8 months ago

Work today! #airandspace #udvarhazy #virginia #soundguy

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Aww yeah smoked tomato soup, cheese boards and gourmet Mac and cheese goodness

10 months ago

Aww yeah he’s chillin safe from the storm!!!!

11 months ago

Tech-Gnome by RutchDudder on SoundCloud

1 year ago

Chicken dry rubbed with pesto garlic topped with prosciutto and melted Havarti with Dill, on a bed of iceberg with sweetpeppers, onions and olives. Side of seared eggplant and fried cinnamon plantain. My salad is better then yours. Also garlic ginger vinaigrette. And freshly sliced ginger to top it all off.. hehehe I also made red velevet pancakes this morning. :P

1 year ago

About to make some fresh wild strawberry and Spearmint tea with a hint of cilantro and lemon zest. #balljar #strawberries #spearmint #homemade #backyardbrewer #cilantro #lemonade-esque

1 year ago

Dinner with the sis at Noodles Corner in Columbia.

1 year ago

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